The Construction Management And Responsibilities Of Construction Management Consultant

The advantages of hiring the services of a construction management consultant are numerous, particularly when engaged to contribute in the design stages of the project. Providing constructability and value engineering input to optimize design can produce significant savings to overall project costs. Furthermore, it allows early execution planning for the construction phase providing a cohesive approach that enables an earlier project start.

Since a construction management consultant is working in the best interests of the owner he is responsible for providing the necessary support to the owner and designated designer in developing better scope definition and in parallel is able produce a realistic project schedule along with robust cost estimate. This facilitates a higher degree of project certainty, which in turn is supportive to the processes necessary to achieve final investment decision (FID).

Once project sanction has been realized, the consultant can assist in the development of the ‘Contract’, inviting expressions of Interest from contractors, collation of bid documents, composing specifications together with key management plans and procedures, and manage bid submission and contractor evaluation endeavors with recommendations for award. Likewise, the consultant may be required to identify and purchase long lead items of permanent materials on behalf of the owner to safeguard project milestones inherent to successful completion of the construction schedule.

Once awards have been made the construction management duties may extend to acting as the owner representative and executing the contact directly between the owner and contractors as the Construction Manager. The administrative responsibilities will then include but not limited to coordinating and controlling cost and schedule, managing stakeholders and regulatory requirements. Besides, ensuring Health, Safety Security, Quality and Environmental objectives.

Of course, as stated previously, the construction management consultant stereo typically acts as an agent for the owner and is paid on a management fee basis. However, there is no impediment to a construction management consultant taking the role of Construction Manager for a construction contractor. The required duties are not dissimilar in terms of planning, coordinating and controlling to achieve expected cost and schedule outcomes. Where they do differ is that on the contractor side there has to be a complete understanding of the construction activities and necessary resources for implementation. In other words types of equipment, manpower and techniques essential to execution of each element of the works. Besides turning a profit at the end of it all.

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